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Category: Marquee signs for businesses

Here are 3 Ways School Marquee Signs Can Be Helpful

Signs have been a part of human civilization for many, many years, and one can literally see a sign just about anywhere today. When used for businesses, signs have been found to increase revenue. Indeed, studies show that adding or changing a sign directly improves sales revenue. Replacing a store front wall sign with a larger sign increases revenue by 7.7%. However, outdoor LED signs can be used for much more than businesses. You can also find electronic marquee signs for schools all around the country. School marquee signs can be helpful in a number of ways and this article will take a look at a few of them.

  • They Can List Important School Announcements: One way school marquee signs can be helpful is by listing important school announcements. Throughout the school year, a number of important events will occur that parents and students need to be aware of. School marquee signs can be used to mak

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How to Use Church Marquees to Reach Current Members

Led display signs for sale

Are you doing everything you can to maximize your church memberships and community involvement? Do you have a strong marketing campaign, both in print and on digital? Marketing is just as important for churches as it is for any other business. Because churches rely on donations and membership activity for funding, it is important that you are using marketing in the following ways.

To inform local communities of your location

While your current church members are already aware of your location, it is possible that there are local community members that do not know about your church. Using both print marketing and digital marketing is a great way to increase this local awareness. It can also be useful to upgrade any exterior signage to attract attention from those that regularly

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Did You Know 35% Of Customers Couldn’t Find A Business Without An Outdoor Sign?

Led sign company

What does a sign do for your business or establishment? Are they really as big of a deal as marketing professionals say they are? Since before technology was as advanced and varied as it is today, signs have always been one of the most notable aspects of any business-owner trying to make their mark. They’re a way of catching the customer’s eye, they summarize what your establishment is all about and, most importantly, they directly help the customer find your place of business. To put it plain, they’re like the beginning of the conversation — they set the tone for the relationship between company and consumer and shouldn’t be neglected when you start to piece together your plans for the future.

What Kind Of Signs Are There?

The technology of today has only been paved by th

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Increase School Spirit with an Outdoor Marquee Sign

Led digital display sign

Would you like to increase your school’s visibility within the neighborhood? Are you also interested in enhancing your school’s spirit? If so, have you considered installing a school marquee or other type of outdoor signage?

An outdoor school sign can contain more than just hours of operation and vacations. Other important or interesting information can also be posted. Scrolling marquee signs can announce sports scores and motivational messages, such as uplifting slogans and sayings.

Some schools regularly post congratulatory information for academic achievement as well as birthday wishes to students, staff, and faculty. As such, a school marquee provides an excellent way to express school pride.

School LED signs are also an effective means to inform the neighborhood of school plays a

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