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Category: Marquee signs for schools

Six Surpring Ways that Signage Increases Revenue

Led sign board

If you have a business, you need commercial business signs advertising who you are, what you do, and where you’re located. Read on for six surprising facts about how effective these signs are:

  1. Without a sign, 35% of people say they’d never have found a business. That’s a lot of people who are relying on sighting commercial business signs in order to decide where to go! In fact, of customers at Best Buy alone, a poll showed 17% on the spot walked in because of the sign. In the digital age, these numbers are surprising, but definitely important to note.
  2. Stats say that changing or improving a sign improves sales revenue. Just going from a small store front to a larger sign increases revenue by 7.7%, and estimates are that the value of having a sign on site i

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Increase School Spirit with an Outdoor Marquee Sign

Led digital display sign

Would you like to increase your school’s visibility within the neighborhood? Are you also interested in enhancing your school’s spirit? If so, have you considered installing a school marquee or other type of outdoor signage?

An outdoor school sign can contain more than just hours of operation and vacations. Other important or interesting information can also be posted. Scrolling marquee signs can announce sports scores and motivational messages, such as uplifting slogans and sayings.

Some schools regularly post congratulatory information for academic achievement as well as birthday wishes to students, staff, and faculty. As such, a school marquee provides an excellent way to express school pride.

School LED signs are also an effective means to inform the neighborhood of school plays a

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