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Category: Prototype pcb manufacturing

4 Tips to Find the Right PCB Manufacturing Company

Pcb layout

Many businesses around the world rely on printed circuit boards to ensure products are operating properly. In fact, printed circuit boards have been successfully utilized by traffic light companies for years throughout North America. Considering that, it makes sense to rely on printed circuit boards to aid in the creation of a device. Statistics show that the global market for printed circuit boards is expected to reach nearly $73 billion by the year 2022. With that in mind, here are four important considerations to make when choosing a prototype circuit board manufacturer.

  1. Reasonably Fast Delivery Times

    Prototype circuit boards are utilized by many industries throughout the world. However, working with a prototype circuit board manufacturer that ships out products slowly wastes

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Prototype PCB Manufacturing Explained

Pcb fabrication

What is prototyping? A lot of us are familiar with the standard dictionary definition — an early model of a product that functions as something to be replicated or learned from. But what is it when referring to electronics? A lot of us have heard phrases like “prototype PCB manufacturing,” but when we ask what it means we get looked at like we have three heads. If an explanation is given, it’s usually so full of technical jargon that we might as well have three heads for all the sense the world makes. Some people just barely understand technical terms, and that’s more than fine. It’s a very confusing subject, and hopefully one that can be — at least somewhat — explained here. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll use printed circuit boards, or PCBs, and prototype PCB manufacturing as examples.

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