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Category: Temp services in fort worth

Three Reasons to Use Temp Agencies in your On-Boarding Process

Nearly 6 in 10 employers view employee retention as a problem, and it’s easy to see why: when an employee leaves a company, it can cost their employer over 150% of the employee’s original salary in lost revenue, interviewing, and training of a replacement. Not all employers immediately consider temp agencies when looking to fill a position (in part because the temp in temp agency implies that it is for short-term positions only), but study after study shows that working with a quality staffing agency can streamline your on-boarding process. Here are a few of the reasons to consider using a temp agency next time you have an opening.

Staffing agencies give you access to a wider applicant pool.

In a single week, over 3 million people will work with a staffing company to find short and long term work. Not only can a temp agency connect you

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Employee Retention and Other Issues Facing Businesses

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Employee retention is a significant issue with many companies. A recent survey showed that 57% of the participating organizations indicated that this issue was a problem for them. Human resources professionals have also raised this issue. The survey revealed that 46% of these professionals stated that retention was their greatest concern. Employee engagement was the second greatest concern for 36% of the participants.

Employee retention issues cause businesses to lose a considerable amount of revenue every year. The cost associated with each failed hire is between 30% to 150% of that employee’s salary. As a result of employee turnover, various industries lose $11 billion on an annual basis.

Soon after being hired, many new employees leave their positions. For 22% of the survey participants,

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