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Category: Value of charitable donations

Here are 3 Ways to Donate Clothing to Charity

Textiles account for 5% of municipal waste, because only about 15% of them are recycled. Whenever possible, instead of throwing used clothing items away, consider donating them to charity organizations that accept clothes donations instead. There are many charitable organizations you can choose from. Some are dedicated to helping military families, others help families and children in need. Whichever charity you choose to support, there are several ways you can donate clothing to charity, and this article will take a look at a few of those ways.

  • Have the Donations Picked Up at Your Home: One option for donating clothing to charity is to arrange to have the donation picked up at your home. Many people like this option because of how convenient it can be. The process is simple: after packing up the clothing items you want to donate, arrange a time for workers from the charity to come to your home

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Here are 3 Steps to Take When Making Charitable Clothing Donations

Americans today have more clothing per person than ever, and a lot of it ends up going to waste. The average American throws away nearly 70 pounds of clothing, linens, and other textiles each year. As that ends up to millions of tons of waste each year, it’s far better to donate used clothing instead. Clothing donations can go towards helping families in need, and are accepted by a number of charities across the country. If you’re planning on making charitable clothing donations, there are several steps you’ll need to take, and this article will take a look at a few of them.

  • Determine Which Clothing Items You No Longer Need or Use: The first step you’ll need to make in making any charitable donation of clothing is to determine which clothing items you no longer need or use. Making charitable clothing donations can seem overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of clothes,

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Spending a Weekend Both Working and Playing Is a Great Family Bonding Approach

You feel very good about how the weekend went. In addition to enjoying some time on the golf course with the whole family, you also spend some time cleaning out bedroom closets and dressers, as well as kitchen cupboards and drawers. Everyone in the family enjoyed the golf game, and while cleaning and sorting is not really anyone’s idea of fun, the clean and organized house made it all worth the effort.
Knowing that the clothes and household items that you got rid of were going to organizations known for helping families in need makes all of the work very rewarding. From veterans clothing donations that are picked up at your home to clothing drop off locations, there are a number of convenient ways to help you make a difference.
Even when families spend time golfing and enjoying other outdoor activities together, it is important to make sure that you also spend time helpi

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The 6 Ways Giving Back Is Good for Your Health

Local clothing donations

In the book, Dangerous Liaisons, the hedonistic Vicomte de Valmont wants to woo the virtuous Madame Marie de Tourvel. In order to show her how virtuous he is, he spends some time helping local villagers. After the experience, he writes that he thinks people who donate time and money are not so virtuous because the act of doing good things for others made him feel so good himself. Centuries later, science has found evidence that he may have been right. Whether you are making arrangements for a Purple Heart donation pick up, donating clothing to charity, or volunteering at a charity known for helping families in need, you will reap certain rewards in going good things for others. Here are a few benefits that scientists have found people get from giving back:

  1. It lowers your str

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