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The Development of Welding and Welding Gear

The history of welding and welding gear is the history of civilization. The act of welding itself is essential to all kinds of industry and manufacturing. Welding gear has evolved as welding techniques changed, and milestones we reached in the development of welding affected every area of life. Whether you’re a professional welder taking a break from picking up welding gas bottle refills or just interested in history, here’s how welding and welding gear have developed.

The Early Years

The first examples that we have of welding come from the Bronze Age. These simple welding techniques mainly worked with soft metals, such as gold. This type of welding was known as pressure welding and used pressure rather than heat to bring two joints together. It would be a long time before anyone needed arc welder repair, but ancient peoples in Egypt and the Middle East were able to weld together iron, and welding gear and tools have bee

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Five Reasons A Notebook Can Aid In Scientific Research

The global pharma market will reach $1.12 trillion in 2022 and the United States holds an estimated 45 percent of the global pharmaceutical market. Pharmaceuticals and those who work in the industry play an important role in the world, developing vaccines and medicines that cure diseases and save countless lives.

At the hard of all the work in the pharma industry is a research notebook and though notebooks may seem old-fashioned in an increasingly technology-driven world, a scientific notebook still plays an important role.

  • Keeping Track Of Things: An important function of a laboratory notebook is that it gives pharma workers a record of their work and ideas they have about future developments. Taking the time to carefully record every step up research, every test and every idea gives workers a look at their progress, especially if they’re working on a particular vaccine or medicine. Rather than trying to re

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The Evolution of Social Media

It’s so easy to forget now but there was a time, a very short while ago, when social media didn’t exist. I know, I know. For our younger readers, that might sound too crazy to be true. But it is. Those of us who are a little older remember a time before we had phones in our pockets and we could check to see what everyone else was doing. It wasn’t that long ago, either. The utility of social media has changed our lives in every conceivable way and it’s not hard to see why everyone loves the convenience. It’s easier than ever to stay in touch with everyone around you, to see how they’re feeling and what they’re doing, to really become friends with people that you never would have before. To see people that you would have never seen and to be exposed to all new things that we would never have been exposed to before. These things are well and good but there was a time before all of this connection, when meeting people was a lot harder and when the systems that now connect us were a lot cru

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