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The Danger of Drinking Radon

What is Radon

Radon, a radioactive gas that has no taste, color, or odor, is a byproduct that is produced by the natural radiation process of uranium. Radon is produced naturally in the environment by uranium that radioactively breaks down in the ground, being released into both the air and groundwater.

Why is Radon Dangerous

Radon is extremely dangerous when breathed in, likened to cause lung cancer. But, why is radon dangerous, and how does it cause cancer? As radon decays, it breaks down into radioactive particles that are absorbed by the body, manifesting within the cellular tissue that it connects to. In the case of breathing in radon, this means that these radioactive particles are absorbed by the soft tissue of the lungs.

While the majority of radon-based deaths are caused by high concentrations of radon found within homes, wherein family members are breathing it in on a daily basis, data shows that between 30 to nearly 2,000 deaths take place each year

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Save Space and Water with Hydrophonic Gardens

Are you interested in testing out your green thumb? Do you have an inner farmer that’s just itching to get out and find out if you can grow things? If you answered yes, you may want to consider hydroponics. Hydroponic growing is rapidly growing in popularity among gardeners and farmers alike because it allows for more crops to be grown than traditional soil farming. For those who don’t know, hydrophonics systems are designed to grow crops in a controlled environment without soil. Why? Well, it is believed that soil introduces dehydration and disease to crops, so by removing the soil altogether, crops end up being more healthy.

As an added benefit, many farmers and gardeners have noticed that by growing crops and gardens with the hydroponic method, they use about 90 percent less water than traditional soil farming. That’s a lot of cost savings. Additionally,

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A Look Into Storage Options In The United States

Storage sheds made in the style of pole barns are becoming more popular in the United States than ever before. There are the number of reasons for the growth of pole barns, and one of the main ones is simply that storage space is needed now more than ever before. As society has progressed, the average person has been able to collect more and more things – meaning that more and more people are in need of some sort of a storage building. And while some are content to store their things at a storage facility, many people simply feel better when their possessions are near them and accessible at all times.

The garage is one such typical place where people store the possessions that they no longer have the space for in their actual homes. In fact, so many garages are utilized as storage spaces that an astounding twenty five percent of all households in the United States have garages that are so

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